Casa de Vidro

By presenting Lina Bo Bardi’s work Casa de Vidro (‘Glass House’ in São Paulo, 1950–52) at Sverre Fehn's glass pavilion built for The National Museum of Architecture (Oslo, 2008) a unique exhibition and dialogue was created between two world-famous architects that never met.

There are many similarities between Bardi and Fehn. The sculptural use of concrete, an interest in rehabilitation of historical buildings and the design of exhibitions. This commonality was the basis of our brand identity for the exhibition, developed in collaboration with Bureau Bruneau and curator Markus Richter. This can be seen in the display of the original wooden structures Fehn made for the pavilion, and Bo Bardi’s glass and concrete displays created for The São Paulo Museum of Art.

Our use of glass mounted text and images set over wooden walls, and by extension, dissolving the normally unobstructed line of sight between observer and subject, we extended the ‘dialogue’ further. This continues in a typeface design that reflects on the openness of the ‘Glass House’, and references to Bardi’s signature colour, red. These also help to connect the main exhibition with the museum’s Vault, which ran a parallel exhibition that took a closer look at glasshouses across Norway.