Fugl Fønix Hotel

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The Fugl Fønix Hotel is situated in Etne, a small village in the south western region of Norway. It is run by locals, and their drive and infectious enthusiasm has contributed to making Etne an attractive place to both live and visit.

Working closely with regional craftsmen, from the cabinetmaker that built bespoke beds and wardrobes, to the gunsmith that made the beer handles, and in the choice of floor panels and bar stools, out interior design has the holistic and multi-facetted experience of a city hotel but with the craft, care and warmth of a local establishment.

Utilising the enduring myth of the phoenix as a metaphor for the miraculous recovery of the building, we also linked many of the graphic elements with interior design using burnt wood, and build on the concept with rising text, and bird motifs throughout the hotel.