A Colour Composition

Stockholm Design Week 2017 was an exclusive event held at the Norwegian Embassy in Stockholm that intended to cast a light on Norwegian design and develop the international market by showcasing the country’s best designers, manufacturers and craftspeople. These included renowned such as designers Peter Opsvik, Andreas Engesvik and Daniel Rybakken, amongst many others.

Working with curator and stylist duo Kråkvik & D’Orazio we developed a design for the event that took its inspiration from the architecture and interior of the Embassy, the square shape of the union and diplomatic flag of Sweden and Norway (1844–1905) and the ontrend colours of interior design. Colour, form and the intersection of the two express an enduring united intention and national pride, as well as a modernity. The colour and materiality of art direction, the use of cropped interchangeable covers and a gold foil play with visual impact, contrast and quality, expressing the event’s exclusive nature and the craft on display