A Square on a Sphere

Catalogue for Marte Johnslien’s exhibition at Lillehammer Art Museum in Norway. Johnslien works in the borderland between painting and sculpture, between art and science. She continuously kept on producing work and experimenting with different technical aspects until the opening of the exhibition. The only possible way of presenting the work in the catalogue, was to focus on the process itself. The book shows the artists own documentation of different stages of the progression. The design has different visual indicators of a process, such as the rounded corners of a sketchbook as well as being noticeable in how the layout is pushed towards the edges of the page. It tells of an ongoing process that involves waiting for whatever lies around the next corner, on the next page, so to speak. The terracotta coloured cover is referring the raw materials, clay, and the drawing depicts the transition from a two-dimensional origin to a three-dimensional sculpture. The cover illustration is drawn in a scientific manner, as observation, exploration and theory is of great importance to the artist and her methodology. Each chapter has a glued on image of a sculpture taken at the Lillehammer Art Museums after the book was printed. This solution made it possible to also include finished artworks. The technique of glued on images has a long tradition within art books and collector’s editions.