A Square on a Sphere

Marte Johnslien works in the borderlands between painting and sculpture, art and science. She continuously produces work and experiments with different technical aspects of her exhibitions right up until the opening night. We worked with Johnslien to design the catalogue for her exhibition at Lillehammer Art Museum in Norway. Our approach was to focus on the artistic process itself. It felt like the only possible way to present her work in its truest form. The book brings together and presents this process at different stages of production, and as documented by the artist herself. A variety of different visual indicators such as the rounded corners of a sketchbook and how the layout is pushed towards the edges of the page capture the artistic process, and speak of an ongoing process that involves waiting for whatever is around the next corner, or on the next page. The terracotta colour and the scientific manner of the drawing of the cover references raw materials such as clay, and depicts the transition from a two-dimensional origin to a three-dimensional sculpture. Considerations such as observation, exploration and theory, important components of Johnslien’s methodology are also represented by the cover. Details within the book include distinctive chapter openers. Each feature a glued-on image of a sculpture taken at the Lillehammer Art Museum after the book was printed. This technique made it possible to include artworks finished just before the opening of the exhibition and honours a long tradition within art book publishing.