1972 Munich Olympics

  • What we did
  • Exhibition Design
  • Self-initiated

The visual identity for the 1972 Munich Olympics, created by acclaimed German designer Otl Aicher, was unprecedented for its time and has had a lasting impact on the design industry. To celebrate this, we organised, curated and designed an exhibition that brought together original archival materials from the games, kindly donated by Mark Holt from 8VO and Tony Brook from Spin. The exhibition was the first of its kind in Norway and held at Grafill, an organisation dedicated to the study and practices within the field of visual communications. It featured a broad range of artefacts from posters and programmes to toys and tickets. We created materials for the event which featured a foiled Munich Olympic logo, and transformed the olympic swimming pool pictograms into vinyls to bring a striking graphic expression to the gallery space. On the opening the night Torgeir Hjetland, Work In Progress, hosted a talk with Mark Holt about the visual language of the Munich Games. Together they touched upon its relevance now, how it has affected modern design thinking and set the standard for Olympic games, in particularly the design of the event pictograms.