Champions Chess Tour

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Champions Chess Tour is an online chess tournament initialised by Magnus Carlsen and Chess24. The tournament has dethroned the World Chess Championship to record a chess event's peak viewership with 5 million hours watched and 19.5 million live views. The generative identity visualises chess, capturing the drama and the build-up of a game between two opponents. It is created for use in all channels, television broadcasting, digital and analogue, like the trophy for the overall winner.

The chessboard of eight by eight squares and the set of moves for each piece was translated into code: A logo generator software is developed to animate every move, generating a visual pattern from a .pgn-file supplied by the client's online resources, The generator has speed settings, amount of moves, opacity and more, and the output is both for animation and still, screen and print. Every competition has a unique logo based on a specific game of chess. The overall tournament’s primary logo is a closely contested Armageddon game between Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura from 2020. Work is done with Helge Wiik at Schjærven.