Carlos Garaicoa

  • What we did
  • Identity
  • Exhibition Design
  • Signage System
  • Catalogue
  • Client
  • The Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Curator
  • Sabrina van der Ley
  • Project manager
  • Marthe Tveitan

‘Carlos Garaicoa. The politics and poetics of space’ incorporates several narratives. It explores the city as a place people live and reside, talks of the buildings founded on power and political ideologies, and of the ruins of those that enjoyed a former greatness or were too troubled to ever see completion.

The exhibition features a variety of art forms and techniques. These are unified by the theme of architectural perspective, and is explored through our brand identity for the exhibition using constructed points of view. These included skewed angles of type and form, light and shadow and an implied dimensionality that plays with the real, the fictional and the space between.

Drawing on Carlos Garaicoa’s own inspirations and voice, by sampling colour from his work and referencing his architectural drawings, we layered the broader concept of perspectives with a very personal quality.