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  • Selmer Law Firm
  • Per Inge Sandvik Scott
  • Fred Jonny

Selmer is a leading Norwegian law firm. With a desire to distinguish themselves from industry competitors whilst retaining the equity built up within their logo, we worked with Selmer to introduce a range of supportive visual assets and changes. This included moving the colour palette away from the familiar and cold blues and purples to the warmth and energy of a red. The new central visual element of the redesign is an abstract diagonal shape that calls to mind incline and decline, uphill and downhill, rise and fall. This geometry is incorporated into the visual identity as a range of coloured abstractions and also as a physical detail in the form of folded, layered or cut paper, blind deboss and as a compartment or detail of a bag. Using contrasting typefaces; an italic grotesque and a classic slim antiqua, we sort to introduce the theme of transitions, a move towards the contemporary whilst also alluding to insight and knowledge accumulated over time. This modernity also emerges in a new palette of icons, designed in collaboration with Ugly Logo.